Back tracking a little to cover the bench build.

I cut the boards to length prior to bringing the wood for the base of my work bench on the ship.  I figured I still had my power tools available and I would decrease the amount of work required once we left.  Here are a couple pictures from during the build.

This is one of the sets of legs for the bench.  I don’t think the dovetails were necessary, or practical for the piece at the bottom.  The strength of the joint was lost because I have the pins in the edge grain instead of the end grain.  I had to glue a couple of the pins back on because they broke off while I was cutting the waste material away.  I hadn’t thought about it before, but there is not anything to hold the pin when you cut it on the edge of a board like this.  All of the grain is running parallel to the pin at this point so it can easily fall away.  It is holding just fine now that I glued it up, but I think that a dado joint would have been more practical here.  Oh well, it looks nice anyway.


I don’t have any other pictures of the build, but here is the (almost) final assembly picture.  I say almost because I modified the bench a little, but I will show you that later.  The holes are 3/4″ and they are used for the hold fasts that you see on the bottom left of the bench.  The brace worked well for drilling all the holes.  It is not nearly as fast as a battery operated drill, but I am trying to go traditional while I am out here.  As with most of my hand tools, the brace was a great garage sale find.



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