I am going to take a break from the wood shop for this post.  I would like to introduce you all to Dave.  Dave joined us a little over a month ago when we left on deployment.  Now, you might feel bad for Dave because he was taken away from his home on this ship with no idea of when he might return.  But rest assured that he is quite happy out here.  He has had at least 5-6 opportunities to fly back to dry land and find more pigeons to live with, but he continues to stay with us.  He has even started joining us for drills that take place on the weather decks.  He really enjoys the flight deck, but he has had a few close calls back there.  He lost a couple tail feathers when he got a little too close to the rotor blades.  We thought that we may have lost him that day, but he powered through and tends to stay away from the moving blades now.

I don’t know if any of you are Mo Willems fans, but Dave is no different from the pigeon that wanted to drive the bus.  He has been spotted in the Captain’s chair on a few occasions.  I am sure that he feels quite powerful from that seat.  Don’t worry though, we will NOT let the pigeon drive the ship.  Seriously, we won’t even think about it.



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