Assembling the Sides

The Shadow Box is starting to come together.  I was able to finish the dovetails to hold the sides together and then lay the face frame out on the top to see how it all fit together.

I did not take any pictures of cutting the tails, but here are some pictures of cutting the pins.  When cutting the pins I accidentally cut them going the opposite direction on either end of the board.  This mistake forced me to cut another board out of the stock that I had found.  Lesson learned I guess.


After I finished with the dovetails, I used my Stanley Rabbet Plane to cut a rabbet on the back of the face frame to allow it to be recessed on the frame of the shadow box.  The picture below was taken while cutting the rabbet.  This was my first time using a rabbet plane.  It worked pretty well, but I need to figure out a better technique so that the shavings don’t get stuck in the throat.  I feel like I have more control if I have my front hand over top of the blade, but that blocks the shavings from coming out freely.  If I move my hand further forward the shavings usually come out fine, but they still get stuck on occasion.  I probably just need to adjust the blade a little differently.


Here is how it looks put together.  It still needs to be glued together, but I am working on the boards for the back of the box first.


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