I found some help…

After fighting with my panel saw to cut all of the boards for the sides and the face frame, I decided that I should look for some outside help.  My original intent was to see if, by some chance, the machine shop had a wood blade for their band saw.  The chances of this were quite slim considering that I am on a steel ship, but why not try.  As expected, they did not have a wood blade, but, much to my surprise, they did have a table saw!  I do not think I would have been able to cut 1/4 inch pieces out of the stock that I had if I used my panel saw.  I could not believe my luck in finding this tool.  The picture on the right is of the shadow box laid out after I cut the panels for the back.

Now it is time to start assembling.  Here is a picture of the face frame in clamps.  Things are starting to move along nicely.



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