A Shipment of Cedar

One of the projects that I thought would be good while on the ship is ammo can humidors.  I have no problem finding ammo cans, but cedar seems to be in short supply.  What do you do when you need resources on deployment?  Call your friends back home.  After discussing the plan over some e-mails I started getting pictures of cedar boards as they were being prepped for shipment.  3/4″ boards became 1/4″ boards that were ready for shipment to a ship somewhere out in the ocean.

After being flown to a port somewhere and placed on a supply ship, the cedar was then slung under a helicopter and dropped off on my ship.  Now I can get to work.  It’s great having friends with similar hobbies!


I do not have a picture of the finished humidor loaded onto my computer yet, but I do have the pictures below.  I had to make a groove in the bottom board so that it would fit over the bump on the bottom of the can.  The No. 71 Stanley Router Plane was perfect for this.  Just so happens that the same guy that got the cedar for me also found this router at a garage sale.  I liked the way the shavings curled up tightly so I kept some for a picture.  My shop smells wonderful now.  I will update this post with pictures of the finished humidors when I get them transferred over.


2 thoughts on “A Shipment of Cedar

  1. There is something about those tightly curled cedar shavings that made me smile! You know I have a fascination with those curly strips of wood, I wonder if you were thinking about that when you took the picture!
    Good job, Honey! Looks great so far!


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