Dave is missing.

I was told that I should write about Dave again, so here it is.  Unfortunately, Dave has gone missing.  When we pulled into port last month I saw him perched high atop the ship, so I know that he was still with us then.  We all enjoyed some liberty but when we departed we realized that something was missing.  All the sailors were accounted for, but Dave had left us.  But why did he leave?


Maybe he wanted some more scenery when he watched the sun rise and set.  I suppose these are pretty good views, so I can understand that.

The food is much better there, I am sure of that.  He was probably getting tired of the young Sailors and Marines chasing him around the ship for fun.

Maybe he realized that we really were not going to let him drive the ship.  More than anything, he probably found a nice European pigeon to settle down with.

Whatever the reason, he has not been seen for several weeks.  It was entertaining to have him on board for about a month and a half.  Maybe we will pick up another  stow away the next time we visit a port.  Enjoy Europe Dave.  If you need a ride back to the States you are welcome to join us again.


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