Another Humidor

The Chaplain on board received a donation of cigars to share with the Sailors and Marines when we have Cigar Socials.  The problem was that he did not have a place to store these cigars so that they wouldn’t dry up.  Well, problem solved.  I was not sure how many cigars one of these Ammo Can Humidors would hold, but now I know.  Chaps received 80 cigars, but only had 65 left after a Cigar Social.  As you can see, the 65 cigars fit with no problem.  Well, there was one small problem, the hydrometer hit them when the lid was closed so we had to lay some of them down.  I think that the humidor will hold at least 78, but 80 is probably doable.

After finishing the humidor for Chaps I started to work on the next one.  This one is for a retired Marine that one of the Marines on board knows.  He asked if I could put an EGA on the lid so I did a little searching.  I found the laser engraver that the ship has and asked if I could get a piece of cedar engraved.  We found an EGA file on the laser engraving computer and went to work.

I think I found a great way to personalize the Ammo Can Humidors.  Hopefully the guys with the laser engraving machine don’t mind if I stop by a little more often.



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