Shooting Board

I decided that I should stop dragging my feet and finally make a shooting board.  To start this I needed some lumber.   There is plenty of lumber on board if you  are willing to work for it.  Another project that is looming is a set of corn hole boards that some of the guys want help with.  I told them to keep an eye out for a crate or pallet that had some good plywood on it.  They found a crate that was going to be thrown out during out next port visit, so we got to work carefully disassembling it.  After a lot of prying and nail pulling, we have the lumber needed for the corn hole boards and some extra that I could use for a shooting board.


I used the rough dimensions that Christopher Schwarz recommends in The Anarchist’s Tool Chest for the end grain shooting board.  I am very pleased with the results.  The shooting board itself is not pretty, but it sure makes squaring up edges a breeze.


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