More cedar has arrived.

Another shipment of cedar arrived a couple weeks ago.  I went to work making some more humidors to try to catch up on all the requests.  At first it looked like there was enough wood for four humidors and that I would have a couple pieces left over.  I ended up getting five humidors out of it.  I still have to finish the engravings on the lids, but the assembly is complete.  Thanks John!


Here are a couple pictures of the assembly process.

The corners are getting tighter with each one.


This is the first one I completed with this shipment.  I had the buyers name engraved below the EGA which added a nice touch.  The tray is made out of mahogany that I picked up at a lumber yard in Crete.

Here are the other four that were made with this shipment.  I will get the lids finished up soon and I will add a picture of each one to this page after that.




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