I am currently serving in the Navy and I am underway on deployment.  I have deployed a few times now and one thing every Sailor needs is something to pass the time.  Over the years I have come to love woodworking so I decided, somewhat jokingly at first, that I was going to take a workbench and some hand tools on deployment with me.  A joke turned into my wife looking sideways at me and telling me that I was crazy.  Next thing you know I am carrying a homemade work bench top down the pier and onto a warship.  Next came the lumber required to build the base, my first project of the deployment, and a bag full of hand tools that I would need for the upcoming projects.  A friend of mine told my wife that I should start a blog about my woodworking.  He didn’t think that I would do it.  Well, challenge accepted.  Let’s see how this goes.